Stuck in limbo…

So not too long ago I finished University. I was studying a BA business top up degree. I found it incredibly harder then what i thought it would be. I knew nothing about business and I was on a course full of students that had studied it for the past 2 years. I on the other hand, studied Events Management.

A lot of ups and downs. Met some great people and some girls i tried to stay away from. What was the problem with them? Well, although they seemed friendly on the first few days of university, they turned out to be incredibly bitchy. Constantly judging and criticising people in the group on their looks behind their backs. They all stayed together in a “click” like teenagers in school. They seemed determined to have me join them but I distanced myself and made other friends.

I’m currently waiting to hear about the final grade i got for the course. Of course I am worried. I’m unsure if i have managed to achieve the 2:1 grade i wanted. Fingers crossed that I have but I’ve decided that i can’t fret over it. I can’t change it so there is no point.

I’m still working in the new bar but i am trying to gather all the skills and such i need to get a better job and get out of the industry. The passed few weeks have been incredibly emotional but i have no idea why! Does anyone else get like this? Nothing is wrong, everything seems to be sailing smoothly but for some reason every now and then i feel like crying. I thought maybe its because of a womanly aspect of my body but nope. It’s been going on for the passed month. I guess i have lost a lot of friends since I quit my old job. Don’t get invited out with them anymore. People i thought cared about me don’t message or only chat when they want something. However, as bad as this may sound. I’m pretty damn good at brushing people off and moving on.

Been awhile since I posted… think i will be visiting my diary more over the next few weeks.



Author: wonderland journal

I use my blog to unravel. To let my inner feelings and thoughts run free. I do have people to talk to however i find it easier to write about it instead of letting people worry about me. The things i write about will range from small issues to major problems, things i like, my history and memories.

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